Litro Equipment Services

As the pioneers of the LP Gas industry in Sri Lanka, we always offer the best service to our valued customers. LPG Equipment service is one of the main CVPs offered by Litro Gas to our commercial customer segment. Our expert technical team ensures that our customers have properly serviced LPG appliances in their possession all times minimizing the risk of LPG accidents, ensuring the best efficiency of the appliance. Our service covers the entire range of equipment starting from the C10, C20 low pressure burners to the most sophisticated LPG operated ovens and most advanced high pressure equipment.

We have well trained technical teams geared with highly advanced tools, located island wide to offer the required service without any delays to our valued customers in day or night. Our expert teams operate 24 x 7 offering the best customer service free of charge to our entire customer range starting from the road site tea boutique to the star class hotel. All the appliances are serviced according to the manufacturers standards ensuring the best performance of the equipment. The standard service includes the cleaning of the equipment, adjusting the LPG flow and the air inlet, Checking and adjusting all the components of the equipment and most importantly the leak testing of the LPG line and the equipment to make sure the maximum safety of the LPG system, customer and the premises. Furthermore, the required necessary guidance and the advices will be given to the user where required and the breakdown repairs also be carried out at a minimal cost to the consumer.

Our technical division has a periodic maintenance schedule comprising all the customers where there is no hassle to the customer reminding us the service. We will remind the customer about the service periodically according to our schedule and attend it on a convenient time to the customer. Further the entire LPG system will be checked including the cylinder bank for any deficiencies and necessary advices will be given to the consumer for any modifications or improvements.

As your trusted energy partner, we offer all these services to our valued customer base free of charge to ensure the maximum customer satisfaction level, maintaining the quality of our services as always we did during our proud history of 150 years.

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