Litro Gas Terminal Lanka (Pvt) Ltd is the country’s leading LPG storage facility, and maintains storage and filling facilities for LPG, for distribution by its sister company Litro Gas Lanka Ltd. Throughout the years Terminal has contributed towards developing the LPG market in Sri Lanka through the provision of modern storage and filling facilities to meet the growing demand for LPG in the country.

The origin of Litro Gas Terminal Lanka (Pvt) Ltd was in 2010, when Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation Limited, purchased the Shell- owned LPG Storage Terminal situated in Kerawalapitiya. The LPG Storage Terminal was re-named Litro Gas Terminal Lanka (Pvt) Ltd and commenced operations as an independent corporate entity, dedicated to supporting the Litro brand by working closely with Litro Gas Lanka Limited.

On its own land of around 26 acres in Kerawalapitiya, Litro Gas Terminal Lanka (Pvt) Ltd owns and operates an 8,000 MT LPG terminal, which comprises four 2,000 MT LGP storage spheres, a filling plant and an LPG unloading bay. In addition, Terminal owns and operates a Central Buoy Mooring (CBM) facility located around 5.5kms off Kerawalapitiya terminal, and its connected sea and land pipelines, to unload and transport LPG directly from ships. Currently Litro Gas Terminal Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, is the only LPG company to own and operate a CBM in South Asia. The CBM allows 695 MTs of LPG to be unloaded within 24 hours, directly from LPG tankers.

The company also has LPG terminal under lease in the port of Hambantota with a storage capacity of 3,000MTs, which was commissioned in 2013.

LItro Gas Terminal’s core business is the unloading and transport of LPG from ships, the maintenance of LPG storage tanks and providing storage facilities for LPG.

The CBM is used to unload LPG directly from ships and land routes are used to transport LPG from the Colombo Port, often in monsoon season, when the ocean is too rough to unload through the CBM.

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