Litro Gas is the largest importer and supplier of LP Gas in Sri Lanka. We operate the country’s only import terminal and filling facility which has the capacity to cater to the LPG needs of the entire Island. The Company is the oldest gas supplier in the country and has comprehensive coverage through an island wide network.

Marketing and selling Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) in Sri Lanka

Litro Gas is involved in downstream business operations of import, storage, filling, distribution and sale of LP Gas, which is considered worldwide as an industry which had an unprecedented growth over a quarter century; while catering to the Commercial, Industrial and Domestic needs of the country through its downstream activities and operates in a duopoly market. The success of the business could be attributed to four main components, which are an island wide network, state-of-the-art gas plant and terminal, highly skilled workforce and the bold and passionate management team.

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Leader in marketing and selling LPG in Sri Lanka

Domestic LP Gas

The largest marketing segment in the LP Gas industry in Sri Lanka is the Domestic household market. This is supplied through a Distributor and retail network

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Commercial LP Gas

Small commercial applications can be serviced through a single large cylinder or several commercial cylinders connected together with a manifold. This is commonly referred to as a ‘cylinder bank’.

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Industrial LP Gas

A bulk storage facility is installed when the demand from the industrial or commercial application is too high for service through large cylinders.

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Always purchase your LPG Regulators and accessory pack from authorized Litro Gas points of sales or Litro Gas Distributors.

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