Litro Gas is passionate to work closely with innovative and new businesses, to bringing our expertise and perspective in manufacturing products.

Litro offers value propositions for diversified customer segments based on their market size, current usage, business type and requirement. Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) process is supporting to offer highest value to our customers in the short and long run.

After sales service, reliable technical advices and consultations or installation of LP Gas supply systems are provided as value additions to all our commercial customers.

Customers are supplied with high quality product cylinders while keeping with the highest safety standards. Cylinder maintenance is thoroughly carried out to make sure our customers are safe and trust is assured at all times.

Litro serves the commercial segment of the country ranging from Restaurants, Hotels cooking operations to commercial and residential heating units. Our commercial customers are a vital segment of company’s operations.

Customized solutions are off¬ered to our commercial customers according to their size of operation, current usage levels, and their nature of business.Depending on the size and scale, commercial applications may be fitted with a cylinder bank comprised of several cylinders connected using a gas manifold system. The periodic maintenance checks we perform and our annual safety audit form an important component of our after-sales service in the commercial segment.

Contains 37.5kg LP Gas. Recommended for Commercial – Hotels, Restaurants, Catering, Small & Medium Industries.

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