As a key energy industry player, Litro Gas remains firmly committed to the globally ratified goals of reducing the carbon footprint – with a clear focus on ecologically optimizing energy solutions it provides.Litro Gas believes in affirming the UN mandated Sustainable Development Goals that prioritize encouraging sustainable energy sources such as LPG.

We are recognized for an exceptional commitment to quality across all platforms and have been feted with several distinguished local and global quality and safety credentials.We believe in giving due attention to quality management, health and safety standards in all aspects of our operations.Litro Gas Terminal at Kerawalapitiya has been awarded SLS 1672:2020 Covid 19 Safety Management System as per the surveillance audits conducted on 25th August 2020.

We are proud to receive this accreditation as the first state owned organization to do so. The Company was also the recipient of ISO 14001:2017 & OHSAS 18001:2007 Global Standards.In addition, Litro Gas Terminal at Kerawalapitiya was awarded ISO 14001:2017 & OHSAS 18001:2007 in recognition of high quality operational levels which is applicable to the storage facility and bulk filling operation at Kerawalapitiya.All awards we have received have been made possible through the commitment and dedication of our team.

Litro Gas Lanka – Facing a pandemic

Litro Gas Lanka was able to manage the devastating impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the customers, supply chains and network successfully.During lockdowns and restricted movement, an uninterrupted service of LPG delivery to keep families fed and home fires burning, was initiated and managed by the Litro Gas Lanka team effortlessly.Deliveries of LPG was undertaken as a continuous operation during the pandemic lockdown.

The COVID-19 pandemic tested the ability of the Company to meet customer needs in real time while overcoming hurdles of ensuring COVID-19 safety protocols.It was a national endeavor that was undertaken within challenging circumstances, yet managed as an efficient system to meet on demand customer requirements.

SLIM & Argus award

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