A Legacy that goes back 150 years…

Litro Gas Lanka possesses a strong legacy in the Sri Lankan energy industry as the pioneer of LPG in the country. Ours is a legacy that commenced 150 years ago at the Gas Paha (the lamp post with a cluster of five gas lamps) Junction on the Gas Works Street in Colombo, a symbol of modernity at the time, which gave the city its first artificial light. Colombo Gas & Water Co, precursor to Litro Gas Lanka, installed the first street lights in Colombo.

Sri Lanka with coal powered gas, 150 years ago.Then came the gas powered tram cars – over the years, LPG would be known as the most preferred household and industrial energy in Sri Lanka. Ceylon Gas & Water Co instilled a truly pioneering spirit in the Sri Lankan energy sector with a town gas supply system that was set up across Colombo and the suburbs, going as far as Ratmalana.

The Company was nationalized in 1974 and continued to play a key role as the country’s leading supplier of gas. LPG in Sri Lanka went through several phases of growth that would eventually position it as the energy of choice in the country.

A milestone in that journey was the entry of Shell in 1995, bringing global energy expertise and skills to the LPG sector. Litro Gas Lanka came into being in 2010, taking over the Sri Lankan LPG legacy of Shell, creating a unique footprint all its own.

Today, Litro Gas Lanka is recognized as the energy industry leader with a formidable presence in Sri Lanka. As the national provider of LPG in Sri Lanka, Litro Gas Lanka maintains its leadership status in the industry, engaging in new and innovative areas of growth and expansion.

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