Industrial Bulk is another principle segment that we cater in the local market. Some of the leading companies in Sri Lanka are catered by us under their respective industries. Their applications are some of the significant factors in size and scale, requiring that we serve their needs through the installation of bulk storage facilities.

Our industrial bulk segment is highly specialized and includes operations as diverse as the manufacturing of wall tiles to the production of confectioneries.

We currently serve approximately over 60 bulk customers right across the island.

These facilities are generally designed, installed, maintained and operated by Litro Gas Lanka Limited. The solution is devised entirely based on the customer’s application. The facility is assessed, usage patterns are monitored, and a customized solution is designed in adherence to all stringent industrial bulk safety standards.

The demand may be several tons of LP Gas a day depends on the customer and careful monitoring to ensure a continuous supply of LP Gas is essential. The management of LPG delivery is done by Litro Gas Lanka Limited for the convenience of the Customer.

Under LPG supply efficiencies and the Government driven market leadership, it is expected that the total annual LPG demand in the country would grow to the tune of One Million Metric Tons (1,000,000 MT) in five years. Additionally, there will be an opportunity to generate clean power through LPG, if proven to be cost effective based on feasibilities. Then, the resultant demand will be doubled.

Interfuel conversion with LOT systems

Litro Gas Lanka provides LPG in bulk to large commercial and industrial operations that require efficient, clean energy.

From the equipment needed – storage tanks, vaporizers, pressure regulators and a piped network to the application in keeping with the highest safety standards. Litro Gas Lanka has the capacity and necessary infrastructure in place in designing, installing, maintaining and operating in-house bulk facilities.

Our expertise and innovation make us the leader in the Sri Lankan energy industry.

Application and innovation based solutions encourage businesses to achieve energy efficiencies with LPG replacing other forms of energy.

Direct energy application and a clean, smooth operation of LPG are vital for faster, efficient and cost effective energy solutions for businesses.

LPG LOT (Liquid Off-take) Systems used in commercial & industrial applications that boost the strength of a Bulk LPG Installation while giving the flexibility of a cylinder bank, are among such LPG innovations.


LPG – empowering industrial solutions –

Litro Gas Lanka works closely with businesses and industrial ventures in providing LPG as a reliable energy source.

Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) process is designed to impart value and efficiency to our customers in business categories at multiple levels.

Litro Gas Lanka provides an exceptional after sales service along with reliable and real time technical support and the setting up of LPG systems that offer efficiency to energy-based business applications.

Our industrial LPG solutions are among the most widely used in the Sri Lankan energy industry.
From restaurants, hotels, catering operations to commercial and residential heating units and businesses, we cater to the diversified needs of commercial and industrial customers.

Offering made-to-measure customized LPG solutions is key to driving value for bulk customers.
These solutions take their needs into account in delivering on-demand systems of LPG that are based on key features of efficiency, reliability and safety.

We provide a wide portfolio of LPG solutions to diversified business interests in addition to the food related sectors.

Factories, exports, tiles and confectionaries are among the industries that rely on clean, green LPG to fuel their businesses and keep them running for greater, more efficient outcomes. We conduct a need-based evaluation before recommending relevant and industry specific LPG solutions that are installed and monitored by us for greater customer convenience and safety.

Future of LPG – Power Generation

As per estimates for LPG supply efficiencies, the total annual demand for LPG in Sri Lanka is expected to rise to one million metric tones within five years. LPG is considered a clean, green and efficient energy – as the demand drives up, other applications such as LPG power generation are under consideration for the future. Leadership in the Sri Lankan energy industry is defined by our ability to foresee the future and plan for it.

Litro Gas Lanka Support Services –

  • Emergency support 24*7
  • Professional guidance and professional support for installation
  • Seamless & efficient delivery
  • Experienced and qualified in-house Engineers
  • Site safety audit conducted by well-trained professionals
  • Rental free tanks
  • Back up mobile tank facility
  • Innovative LPG solutions
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