Litro Gas distributes its gas directly to Bulk Customers. A dedicated commercial deliveries are made in order to service all small,mid & large scale commercial customers through it’s distributors. All domestic and other Customers are served through Distributors and a network of over 14000 Points of Sale Island-wide. Litro gas has extended its service by having more than 1500 Home delivery hubs operating through dealers island wide in order to deliver the product to the door step of the customer within couple of minutes.

This distribution chain ensures that the supply of LPG is efficiently and safely delivered to all of our Customers across the island.

The Company is the leader in marketing and selling LPG in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka only produces approximately 10% of its internal demand, therefore the country depends on imported LPG to bridge the growing gap between demand and the limited production by Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) refinery.

Leader in marketing and selling LPG in Sri Lanka

Terminals, Filling Plant & Distribution

To ensure you receive your cylinder in the safest and most efficient, timely manner, we at Litro have invested in state-of-the-art Storage and Filling Plants which are situated in Kerawalapitiya and Hambantota.

The first stage in the local distribution chain of LP Gas is the primary storage, where the product is received from the Producer or Supplier. Litro Gas Terminal Lanka (Pvt) Limited situated in Kerawalapitiya has four spherical shaped above ground tanks which have the capacity to store up to 2,000 metric tons of LPG each.

From the primary storage at Kerawalapitiya, the product is transported either to a bulk customer or to the cylinder filling plant at Kerawalapitiya itself. Kerawalapitiya receives empty cylinders which are visually checked for wear, damage and requalification. If necessary, the cylinders are re-qualified, repaired or disposed as per our safety standards.

The cylinders are filled by an automated filling machine in order to ensure the proper weight for each cylinder. All of the weighing of each filled cylinder is carried out using certified scales. Once full, cylinders are checked for leaks before being sealed and loaded onto distributor trucks for transportation.

Distributors then transport the cylinders to their regional distribution yards and redistribute the cylinders to the Point of Sale using appropriate vehicles. As a customer, you may either pick up your Litro Gas cylinder from a Litro Gas point of sale or request your cylinder to be delivered home if a ‘home delivery’ service is available at your location. Please feel free to contact our Customer Service Centre helpline on 1311 if you are interested in home delivery. Larger scale industrial customers or bulk customers would have their own tank farms on-site. Litro Gas delivers to these customers directly using road tankers of varying sizes. An LP Gas tanker is a pressurized vessel that must comply with rigorous standards of design, construction, operation and maintenance, because the vehicle is being driven through populated areas and busy traffic.

Bulk customers have strict unloading and operational procedures for LPG. These are communicated and adhered to in order to make the usage of LPG safe to them. All drivers employed by Litro Gas are certified and are regularly given refresher training on defensive driving.

Leader in marketing and selling LPG in Sri Lanka

In order to save costs for our customers, Litro Gas Lanka Limited owns the storage facilities at most customer sites. Sometimes, the customer may decide to purchase his own equipment. Whatever the arrangement, storage must be properly sited, designed, constructed in keeping with the highest safety standards and maintained through regular inspection. Litro Gas Lanka Limited has well trained competent staff to handle customer inquires of this nature.

Please feel free to contact our Customer Care helpline on
1311 if you have more inquiries on bulk storage.