Litro Terminals


Litro Gas Terminals manage the process of distribution and the supply chain of LPG in Sri Lanka. From the time the supply vessel docks, the process of storage and supply is managed effectively by the Litro Terminals team. Litro Terminals operates an 8000 MT import and storage terminal in Kerawalapitiya and a dedicated LPG cylinder filling plant, along with a 3000 MT terminal in Hambantota.

The spherical shaped above ground tanks with the capacity to store up to 2,000 metric tons of LPG each, are situated at the Kerawalapitiya plant. A state-of-the-art LPG cylinder refilling plant is also located at the terminal in Kerawalapitiya, with a daily refilling capacity of over 120,000 cylinders. The plant is recognized as one of the largest filling operations in South Asia.

Here, empty cylinders are subjected to a thorough inspection before being refilled, repaired if needed and disposed if they don’t meet with established safety protocols. An automated filling machine fills the cylinders which are tested for proper weight and quality before being sealed and sent for distribution.

An additional filling plant and a bridging operation is to be commissioned in parallel at the Hambantota plant, further bolstering capacity. The company operates a modern LPG tanker fleet as well. In order to meet enhanced energy requirement, Litro Gas Terminals is planning to develop a new offshore LPG discharging facility along with a floating storage capacity of 45 to 50 KT. This is to be located close to its existing Conventional Buoy Mooring Station off Kerawalapitiya.

The distributors take over the process of taking the cylinders to their regional distribution yards before redistributing to Point of Sale points.Customers are able to purchase their Litro Gas LPG needs from a Litro Gas Point of Sale or you could request your cylinder to be delivered home if a ‘home delivery’ service is available at your location. Larger scale industrial customers or bulk customers usually possess their own tank farms on-site.

Litro Gas supplies these customers with road tankers that consist of different sizes.A pressurized vessel that complies with rigorous standards of design, construction, operation and maintenance, LPG Tankers are often tested for safety since the vehicle navigates through heavy traffic.

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