The Domestic Customer is usually serviced with a 12.5 kg and/or 2.3 kg LP Gas cylinder which supplies gas via a low pressure regulator, through a LPG hose connection to a domestic appliance. Due to its durable construction a cylinder, if properly maintained, may be refilled hundreds of times during its useful life.

Mrs. Vajiramala Perera Housewife

As a mother , I can always rely on Litro Gas as a convenient, clean and safe source of cooking fuel in my kitchen.

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A neighborhood Retailer or Distributor generally services Customers at each locality. This arrangement may include a home delivery service or the Customer may take empty cylinders to a local Point of Sale outlet where it is exchanged for a new one at the current location price.

Cylinders - Western Province

Rs. 289.00

Rs. 598.00

Rs. 1,493.00

Rs. 1,395.00

Rs. 6,400.00