Regulator, Accessory Pack, Hoses & Clips
  • Always purchase your LPG Regulators from authorized Litro Gas points of sales or Litro Gas Distributors.

  • Regulator types are not interchangeable.

  • Do not attempt to force a regulator designed for one size of cylinder on to a valve which is of another size.

  • Change the LPG Regulator every 05 years.

Piped or Reticulated System

Piped or reticulated LP Gas systems have been successfully introduced in Sri Lanka by Litro Gas (previously known as Shell Gas), and are becoming increasingly popular. Customers are provided with an individually metered supply of LP Gas through a piped network. This type of service eliminates the need for individual cylinders. In a reticulated system LP Gas is stored at a central storage compound and supplied through a series of distribution pipes to each household. Do not hesitate to contact Litro Gas Lanka Limited for a total cost effective energy solution for your Apartment / Hotel / Shopping complex /Housing scheme/small, medium industries etc.